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With ongoing uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many questions about plans for the 2021 ConnecTour cross-Canada ride. The short answer is, we’re ready to go when restrictions lift.

The ConnecTour team is optimistic the group will be able to depart Victoria, B.C., on May 28th. This plan is based on the belief that the Province of British Columbia will indeed ease travel restrictions after the May 24th Victoria Day holiday, as it has indicated. The team is proceeding on the assumption that the province will be able to lift the travel ban.

However, we live in a time of great uncertainty. As you have seen from various media reports, the ever-evolving situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and the strategies of various levels of governments in response to it are harder to predict than weather in the Rocky Mountains. Even though circumstances suggest Canada will soon see a sharp increase in vaccinations and concurrent decline in COVID infections, the ConnecTour team has discussed a variety of options available for the tour, if events disrupt plans.

The ConnecTour team is prepared to delay the start of the tour further, but only if absolutely necessary. If travel in B.C. is not banned after the May long weekend, we will stick to the May 28th departure date.

Should the travel ban be extended, the team will move the tour’s start date accordingly. However, as we get deeper into the spring/summer season, completing the full cross-Canada ride to St. John’s, NL., will become increasingly challenging. The ConnecTour team has determined that the latest possible start date for the cross-Canada tour will be June 21st.

Should travel ban be extended beyond that date, this year’s tour will be cancelled.

We understand that many of our registrations may have scheduling conflicts and be unable to participate if the start of the tour is delayed beyond May 28th. Anyone who must cancel because they are unable to reschedule to a new departure date will be fully refunded any fees or deposits. Those who need to modify the dates they join the tour are welcome to do so. Please contact us at to update your information.

The pandemic has created circumstances that are beyond the team’s control. Planned participants, like we, are frustrated with the slow progress in the battle against COVID-19. The team remains optimistic, however, that we are nearing the end of this very long, dark period, and will be able to set out on our journey of discovery in the very near future.

One thing we know for certain: When we get out there, it’s going to be amazing.

We’ll bring you further updates in the coming days.

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  1. Peter A carter

    Just completed 3 amazing days riding from Jasper to Canmore down 93…weather cooperated but nothing was open…NOTHING ..also did not see a fellow biker until 1A south of Banff…Home now on Manitoulin and considering next trip!!! Would consider joining if restrictions open up for all Provinces-fingers crosses and please keep me posted.

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