Update: Our son-in-law gets the life-gift of a liver transplant

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The call came out of the blue on a Tuesday afternoon. Our son-in-law, Dax learned there was a liver available and he was told to come to Vancouver General Hospital immediately.

Within 36 hours the liver was declared a match and, just like that, Dax was undergoing the 10-hour surgery. This was thanks to someone who had taken the time and thought to be an organ donor.

The average wait for a liver transplant in Canada is 287 days. Dax was one of the lucky ones — his wait was just a few weeks.

Doug and I want to thank everyone who expressed support for Dax, and especially those who donated cash to help offset expenses for Dax and Lauren. The display of support has been truly overwhelming, and gratifying.

We’re continuing our ConnecTour ride across Canada, and we’re still riding for Dax. He has many long and potentially difficult days ahead as he recovers from this major surgery.

We’re riding for him, and for the cause of organ donation. Not everyone who needs an organ transplant will be as lucky as Dax was.

Some will never get the organ donation that could save their lives. But if you sign that card, you could potentially save the life of someone as important to you as Dax is to us.

7 thoughts on “Update: Our son-in-law gets the life-gift of a liver transplant”

  1. Dear Lisa and Doug … Lee Ann and I are overjoyed at this news. We live in a time of miracles and the timely donation of this organ is truly a miraculous gift of life. Ride safe and try to find some cool.

  2. Fantastic news!
    We look forward to hearing updates on how he is doing. Sending good vibes to him and his family. My donor card is signed as of today.
    Keep on cycling on

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