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Spend 2-weeks biking the stunning coastal fjords and islands of northern Norway. Experience 24 hours of sunlight and the energy boost you get from the Midnight Sun. Rick and Tanya McFerrin will guide the 14-day bicycle tour of northern Noway. Beginning in the city of Tromsø, you will cycle along coastal roads winding your way north and return by Coastal Ferry to visit smaller islands and experience the amazing landscapes of this arctic region.


Our carefully planned bike tours take you to places you won’t find in guidebooks.  Rick McFerrin, the trip leader, lived in Norway in 1983/84 and has guided trips in this region since 2003.

Small Group

Enjoy the comforts at lodges, cabins and home-stays in a small group setting (maximum group size 10).

Fitness level Required

This trip is designed for beginner to intermediate bike riders and outdoors enthusiasts.  There is no support vehicle on this trip. 

Bikes and Panniers

We have some bikes and panniers in Norway but bringing your own or renting is an option. Please contact us for more details.

Norway Bike Tour

Trip Essentials – Norway 2025

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Arrive Tromsø. In the evening with the hours of the midnight sun, you will meet your fellow cyclists and Rick and Tanya, your leaders – a mix of excited faces and seasoned adventurers. The crisp air of northern Norway tingles with anticipation as you swap stories and finalize preparations for your journey along the dramatic fjords. You will have time today or the following day to make sure your bike and gear is ready for the trip.


  • Depending on when everyone arrives, we can help organize airport transfers
  • Lodging at a home-stay in Tromsø.
  • Group dinner

Soak up the endless summer sun in Tromsø! Walk or bike through the vibrant city. In the afternoon, visit the the Tromsø Arctic Cathedral. Despite its nickname, it is not actually a cathedral.

The church is known for its distinctive modern architecture and features a unique angled roof that resembles the peaks of surrounding mountains. Near the cathedral you can also ride the Fjellheisen cable car for panoramic views or walk back to town to visit the fascinating Polaria Arctic Aquarium. At the end of the day you can enjoy a drink or meal at one of our favorite meeting places. The Skarven, also known as Vertshuset Skarven, is a restaurant pub located in Tromsø. It offers a relaxed atmosphere with a focus on fresh seafood dishes and a good selection of beers and cocktails. It also features outdoor seating with scenic views.


  • Trip includes all activities and admission fees as specified in the trip itinerary
  • Lodging at a home-stay in Tromsø
  • Group dinner

The ride from Tromsø to Laksvatn is a scenic journey through the heart of Arctic Norway. You’ll pass through rolling hills, deep valleys, and fjords carved by glaciers. Keep your eyes peeled for dramatic mountain peaks, charming fishing villages, and the ever-present Arctic coastline. The scenery is especially stunning in the summer months, when wildflowers bloom and the midnight sun paints the sky in a warm glow.


  • Lodging at a cabin resort near Laksvatn
  • Wood burning sauna and hot tub
  • Group dinner

The bike ride from Laksvatn to Lyngseidet is a challenging but rewarding journey that takes you through some of the most stunning scenery in the Arctic. The total distance is approximately 82 kilometers. The route follows a combination of scenic roads and byways. This route offers views of the Lyngen Alps mountains and the surrounding fjords.

Lyngseidet is a small village with a big view. Nestled on an isthmus between two fjords, it offers access to outdoor activities year-round.


  • Lodging at Air Bnb
  • Group dinner prepared at Air BnB

The journey from Lyngseidet to Storslett combines a scenic ferry ride across the Lyngen fjord with a bike ride along the coast. The ferry ride offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains, while the cycling route takes you through varied terrain, from flat coastal roads to gentle climbs.


  • Lodging at private cabins near the river in Storslett
  • Sauna
  • Group dinner with local hosts

With its fjords, towering mountains, and vibrant wildlife, Storslett is a paradise for outdoor activities. We will take a hike with a local guide in the surrounding mountains.


  • Lodging at private cabins near the river in Storslett
  • Sauna
  • Tidal river to swim in for cooling off after a sauna

The ride from Storslett to Gildetun is scenic and challenging as the road winds its way through fjords and up a mountain pass to our destination.

We will stay at Gildetun, a rustic hotel offering panoramic fjord and mountain views, plus a restaurant decorated with Sami artwork.


  • Lodging: Gildetun
  • Dinner at the restuarant at the lodge

The scenery in northern Norway is so dramatic, the urge to pull over and capture it all with a camera is constant.  Every vista seems more incredible than the last.

Arctic Fjord Camp is a lodge resort located near Burfjord.  The camp is situated in a beautiful location with views of the fjord and the surrounding mountains.


  • Lodging: Arctic Fjord Camp
  • Group dinner

The scenery between Arctic Fjord Camp and Øksfjord is breathtakingly beautiful. The route traverses dramatic fjords, lush valleys, and snow-capped peaks. You can expect to see glaciers, waterfalls, and a variety of Arctic wildlife, including reindeer, Arctic foxes, and eagles.

From Øksfjord we will take the Hurtigruten Coast ferry to Tromsø sailing along the Norwegian coastline bathed in the golden light of the midnight sun. This is the magic of a Hurtigruten coastal cruise from Øksfjord to Tromsø in the summer.

As you depart Øksfjord, a small fishing village nestled amidst dramatic cliffs, prepare to be dazzled by the ever-changing scenery. Majestic fjords like Lyngenfjord and Kvænangsfjord will flank the ship, their deep waters reflecting the never-setting sun.

Keep an eye out for charming coastal towns and villages, some perched on colorful stilts. Wildlife sightings are common, with whales, dolphins, and porpoises breaching in the Arctic waters.

As the midnight sun touches the horizon, casting a soft glow on the sky, Tromsø, the “Arctic Capital,” comes into view.


  • We will arrive just before midnight in Tromsø and ride to our home-stay with the light of the midnight sun
  • Lodging:  Home-stay in Tromsdalen
  • Dinner on your own on the Hurtgruten Coastal Ferry

Some suggestions  for a one-day itinerary in Tromsø.

Kayaking: Start your day with a kayaking tour in the pristine waters around Tromsø. Kayak companies in Tromsø offer tours for all experience levels, so you can choose one that suits your comfort. Paddling amidst the fjords and mountains is an unforgettable way to experience the Arctic.

Afternoon: After your kayaking adventure, head to the Tromsø Cable Car for a panoramic view of the city and surrounding landscapes. The views from the top are truly amazing, especially on a clear day.

Evening: In the evening, explore Tromsø’s vibrant downtown area. There are many interesting shops, cafes, and restaurants to browse through. Be sure to try some of the local seafood, which is fresh and delicious.


  • Lodging:  Home-stay in Tromsdalen
  • Dinner on your own

As you leave Tromsø, you’ll cross the Tromsø Bridge, a cantilever bridge that offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding fjords. The road then winds its way through a series of small villages, each with its own unique character. You’ll see traditional fishing villages, colorful houses perched on stilts, and working farms.

Keep an eye out for wildlife, such as eagles, seabirds, and reindeer.

The final leg of the journey takes you across a bridge to Sommarøy, a small island known for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.


  • Lodging:
    Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
  • Group dinner at
    Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
  • Wood burning hot tub and sauna
  • Swim in the Arctic ocean to cool off

The ride from Sommarøy to Vengsøy offers a beautiful mix of coastal and rural landscapes. The route follows along fjords with views of the water and surrounding mountains.  The ride takes you through rolling hills and green pastures, providing a beautiful last day of biking experience.


  • Lodging: Cabins or apartments on Vengsøy – 2 nights 
  • Group dinner with local hosts

Vengsøy is a small island located off the northwest coast of Norway, near Tromsø. With a population of around 60 residents, it offers a peaceful escape into nature. The island is known for its dramatic mountains, like the 764-meter tall Vengsøytinden, and scenic coastlines. You can enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, and kayaking, or simply relax overlooking the water.


  • Lodging: Cabins or apartments on Vengsøy
  • Group dinner with local hosts

We will pack our gear and get ready for our return to Tromsø.


  • We will return to Tromsø by local transport
Tanya & Rick McFerrin

Travel with a Team of Local Friends and Expert Guides

This trip is all about meaningful connections that have been built over the past 40 years by Rick and Tanya McFerrin. Rick was initially drawn to Norway as an exchange student in 1983. Since 2003 they have guided multiple bike trips in Norway with groups. They have worked with locals to create meaningful experiences and connections for an amazing adventure. 

Local friends in Norway and Rick and Tanya will take care of all the details including the gear, safety, local activities, route planning, food and snacks, accommodations as well as helping you with getting to and from Norway.

Great People. Amazing Experiences.

Contact us to learn more or to request a registration form. 

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