Rediscovering Canada’s heartland, from sea to sea, at the speed of life.


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The ConnecTour route will intersect and be on the Great Trail of Canada for approximately 3,798 km. Zoom in and click on the icons for more information.    Overnight destination  Overnight destination with a rest day    Community Action Event Day at an overnight destination with a rest day

A stage-by-stage description of the route

DateDayRoute TO / FROMActivityDistance (KM)
28‐May‐21FridaySooke to Victoria (Mile -) to SidneyRide Day75.4
29‐May‐21SaturdaySidney to Hatzic Lake ‐ (Mission) via ferry Swartz Bay to TsawwassenRide Day89
30‐May‐21SundayHatzic Lake (Mission) to Harrison Hot SpringsRide Day51.2
31‐May‐21MondayHarrison Hot Springs to HopeRide Day41
01‐Jun‐21TuesdayHope to Manning ParkRide Day66.3
02‐Jun‐21WednesdayManning Park Resort to PrincetonRide Day68.4
03‐Jun‐21ThursdayPrinceton Rest DayRest Day
04‐Jun‐21FridayPrinceton area event dayEvent
05‐Jun‐21SaturdayPrinceton to KeremeosRide Day66.4
06‐Jun‐21SundayKeremeos to OsoyoosRide Day54
07‐Jun‐21MondayOsoyoos to MidwayRide Day69.1
08‐Jun‐21TuesdayMidway to Grand ForksRide Day52.1
09‐Jun‐21WednesdayGrand Forks to Nancy Greene Provincial ParkRide Day75.7
10‐Jun‐21ThursdayNancy Greene Provincial Park to Marsh CGRide Day57.7
11‐Jun‐21FridayMarsh Creek Campground to YmirRide Day35.3
12‐Jun‐21SaturdayYmir Rest DayRest Day
13‐Jun‐21SundayNelson area event day and then ride toward BalfourEvent59.2
14‐Jun‐21MondayBalfour to CrestonRide Day83
15‐Jun‐21TuesdayCreston to YahkRide Day41.6
16‐Jun‐21WednesdayYahk to WycliffeRide Day84.1
17‐Jun‐21ThursdayWycliffe to Canal FlatsRide Day75.8
18‐Jun‐21FridayCanal Flats to Radium Hot SpringsRide Day64.9
19‐Jun‐21SaturdayRadium Hot Spring Rest DayRest Day
20‐Jun‐21SundayRadium Hot Springs to Kootenay Park LodgeRide Day63.6
21‐Jun‐21MondayKootenay Park Lodge to CanmoreRide Day94.6
22‐Jun‐21TuesdayCanmore to Ghost Lake Recreation AreaRide Day55.8
23‐Jun‐21WednesdayGhost Lake Recreation Area to CalgaryRide Day57.7
24‐Jun‐21ThursdayCalgary Rest DayRest Day
25‐Jun‐21FridayCalgary event day (Start of Stage 2)Event
26‐Jun‐21SaturdayCalgary to BeisekerRide Day75.4
27‐Jun‐21SundayBeiseker to MichichiRide Day92.9
28‐Jun‐21MondayMichichi to YoungstownRide Day98.9
29‐Jun‐21TuesdayYoungstown to AlsaskRide Day89.1
30‐Jun‐21WednesdayAlsask to Kindersley, SKRide Day63.1
01‐Jul‐21ThursdayKindersley Rest DayRest Day
02‐Jul‐21FridayKindersley area event dayEvent
03‐Jul‐21SaturdayKindersley to RosetownRide Day84
04‐Jul‐21SundayRosetown to OutlookRide Day74.5
05‐Jul‐21MondayOutlook to KenastonRide Day55.6
06‐Jul‐21TuesdayKenaston to NokomisRide Day88.7
07‐Jul‐21WednesdayNokomis to PunnichyRide Day62
08‐Jul‐21ThursdayPunnichy to ItunaRide Day67.8
09‐Jul‐21FridayItuna to MelvilleRide Day56.3
10‐Jul‐21SaturdayMelville rest dayRest Day
11‐Jul‐21SundayMelville to Russell, MBRide Day113
12‐Jul‐21MondayRussell to Shoal LakeRide Day75.7
13‐Jul‐21TuesdayShoal Lake to NeepawawRide Day88.8
14‐Jul‐21WednesdayNeepawa to Portage la PrairieRide Day101.1
15‐Jul‐21ThursdayPortage la Prairie to WinnepegRide Day98.3
16‐Jul‐21FridayWinnipeg Rest DayRest Day
17‐Jul‐21SaturdayWinnipeg area event day (Start of Stage 3)Event
18‐Jul‐21SundayWinnipeg to ElmaRide Day90.4
19‐Jul‐21MondayElma to WhiteshellRide Day69.8
20‐Jul‐21TuesdayWhiteshell to Kenora, ONRide Day55.9
21‐Jul‐21WednesdayKenora to Sioux NarrowsRide Day78
22‐Jul‐21ThursdaySioux Narrows to Nestor FallsRide Day84.5
23‐Jul‐21FridayNestor Falls to Fort FrancesRide Day94
24‐Jul‐21SaturdayFort Frances rest dayRest Day
25‐Jul‐21SundayFort Frances to Mine CentreRide Day68.1
26‐Jul‐21MondayMine Centre to AtikokanRide Day85.2
27‐Jul‐21TuesdayAtikokan to KashabowieRide Day97.3
28‐Jul‐21WednesdayKashabowie to ShabaquaRide Day47.7
29‐Jul‐21ThursdayShabaqua to Thunder BayRide Day65.6
30‐Jul‐21FridayThunder Bay rest dayRest Day
31‐Jul‐21SaturdayThunder Bay event dayEvent
01‐Aug‐21SundayThunder Bay to ShuniaRide Day59.1
02‐Aug‐21MondayShuniah to NipigonRide Day84
03‐Aug‐21TuesdayNipigon to SchreiberRide Day91.2
04‐Aug‐21WednesdaySchreiber to MarathonRide Day96.2
05‐Aug‐21ThursdayMarathon to White RiverRide Day91.7
06‐Aug‐21FridayWhite River to WawaRide Day92
07‐Aug‐21SaturdayWawa rest dayRest Day
08‐Aug‐21SundayWawa to Agawa Bay CampgroundRide Day89
09‐Aug‐21MondayAgawa Bay to Goulais RiverRide Day94
10‐Aug‐21TuesdayGoulais River to Sault Ste. MarieRide Day39
11‐Aug‐21WednesdaySault Ste. Marie rest dayRest Day
12‐Aug‐21ThursdaySault Ste. Marie area event day (Start of Stage 4)Event
13‐Aug‐21FridaySault Ste. Marie to ThessalonRide Day84
14‐Aug‐21SaturdayThessalon to SpraggeRide Day84
15‐Aug‐21SundaySpragge to EspanolaRide Day71
16‐Aug‐21MondayEspanola to South BaymouthRide Day111
17‐Aug‐21TuesdayFerry from South Baymouth to Tobermory, bike to WiartonRide Day75.7
18‐Aug‐21WednesdayWiarton to Owen SoundRide Day41.8
19‐Aug‐21ThursdayOwen Sound Rest DayRest Day
20‐Aug‐21FridayOwen Sound to Wasaga BeachRide Day78
21‐Aug‐21SaturdayWasaga Beach to OrilliaRide Day81
22‐Aug‐21SundayOrillia to CoboconkRide Day57
23‐Aug‐21MondayCoboconk to BancroftRide Day101
24‐Aug‐21TuesdayBancroft to CloyneRide Day80.6
25‐Aug‐21WednesdayCloyne to Christie LakeRide Day79.7
26‐Aug‐21ThursdayChristie Lake rest dayRest Day
27‐Aug‐21FridayChristie Lake area event dayEvent
28‐Aug‐21SaturdayChristie Lake to OttawaRide Day104
29‐Aug‐21SundayOttawa, ON to Grenville‐sur‐la‐Rouge, QCRide Day95
30‐Aug‐21MondayGrenville‐sur‐la‐Rouge to OkaRide Day72.4
31‐Aug‐21TuesdayOka to MontrealRide Day53.8
01‐Sep‐21WednesdayMontreal Rest DayRest Day
2‐6 Sep‐21Thursday – MondayExplore MontrealFree Days
07‐Sep‐21TuesdayMontréal, QC to LanoraieRide Day71
08‐Sep‐21WednesdayLanoraie to Trois‐RivièresRide Day71
09‐Sep‐21ThursdayTrois‐Rivières to PortneufRide Day73
10‐Sep‐21FridayPortneuf to Quebec CityRide Day71.4
11‐Sep‐21SaturdayQuebec City rest dayRest Day
12‐Sep‐21SundayQuébec to Saint‐Jean‐Port‐JoliRide Day95
13‐Sep‐21MondaySaint‐Jean‐Port‐Joli to Rivière‐du‐LoupRide Day94
14‐Sep‐21TuesdayRivière‐du‐Loup to RimouskiRide Day100
15‐Sep‐21WednesdayRimouski to SayabecRide Day85
16‐Sep‐21ThursdaySayabec to CausapscalRide Day53
17‐Sep‐21FridayCausapscal to Campbellton, NBRide Day81
18‐Sep‐21SaturdayCampbellton rest dayRest Day
19‐Sep‐21SundayCampbellton, NB area event dayEvent
20‐Sep‐21MondayCampbellton to BathurstRide Day109
21‐Sep‐21TuesdayBathurst to Bathurst to Black River BridgeRide Day100
22‐Sep‐21WednesdayBlack River Bridge to ShédiacRide Day115
23‐Sep‐21ThursdayShédiac, NB to Borden‐Carleton, PE + Confederation BridgeRide Day72
24‐Sep‐21FridayBorden‐Charleton, PE to Charlottetown, PE via Confederation TrailRide Day67
25‐Sep‐21SaturdayCharlottetown rest dayRest Day
26‐Sep‐21SundayCharlottetown, PE event dayEvent
27‐Sep‐21MondayCharlottetown, PE to Pictou, NSRide Day92
28‐Sep‐21TuesdayPictou, NS to Antigonish, NSRide Day74
29‐Sep‐21WednesdayAntigonish, NS to Whycocomagh, NSRide Day104
30‐Sep‐21ThursdayWhycocomagh, NS to North Sydney, NSRide Day93
01-Oct‐21FridayFerry North Sydney to Port aux BasquesFerry
02‐Oct‐21SaturdayChannel Port‐aux‐Basques, NL to Robinson’s junction, NLRide Day106
03‐Oct‐21SundayRobinsons to Corner Brook, NLRide Day119
04‐Oct‐21MondayCorner Brook rest dayRest Day
05‐Oct‐21TuesdayCorner Brook, NL to Deer Lake, NLRide Day65
06‐Oct‐21WednesdayDeer Lake, NL to Sheppardville, NLRide Day96
07‐Oct‐21ThursdaySheppardville, NL to Grand Falls‐Windsor, NLRide Day116
08‐Oct‐21FridayGrand Falls‐Windsor, NL to Gander, NLRide Day101
09‐Oct‐21SaturdayGander, NL to Mallorytown, NLRide Day101
10‐Oct‐21SundayMallorytown, NL to Arnold’s Cove, NLRide Day119
11‐Oct‐21MondayArnold’s Cove, NL to Whitbourne, NLRide Day50
12‐Oct‐21TuesdayWhitebourne to St. John’sRide Day89.1
13‐Oct‐21WednesdayFinal day eventsEvent
Number of Days 135 Total Distance (KM) 8292.3

The ride will begin at Mile 0 in Victoria as we dip our wheels in the Pacific Ocean. Then, we will ride east, working our way along mostly secondary highways and trails in southern B.C., across the prairie provinces, entering Ontario north of Lake Superior, and down through Georgian Bay communities. As we enter Quebec, we will travel the bike-friendly La Route Verte on our way to New Brunswick. From P.E.I., we’ll catch the ferry to Newfoundland, on our way to the tour’s final destination in St. John’s. 

The Trans-Canada Mile 0 Marker in Victoria is located at Dallas Road and Douglas Street. Dip your wheels in the Pacific Ocean at nearby Holland Point Park. We will leave Victoria and follow the Lochside Regional Trail, a regional multi-use bike trail stretching along the Saanich Peninsula-Victoria to the ferries at Swartz Bay.

Landing at Tsawwassen, we will avoid both the City of Vancouver and the Trans-Canada Highway, travelling through the Fraser Valley on smaller roads. From Hope, we will take the southerly route that travels mostly along Highway #3. It is a circuitous route through the mountains of British Columbia, with wild rivers, forests and several small towns along the way, where we will meet interesting people and resupply. There are several mountain passes to cross; each one with their own degree of challenge, amazing views and breathtaking downhills. At Castlegar, we will veer north to Nelson, follow Kootenay Lake and head down to Creston for an easier ride – albeit with a few more mountain passes. At Cranbrook, we will veer north again toward Invermere and Radium and then over to Castle Junction on Highway 93.

The Bow Valley Parkway will take us to Banff where we will catch the Legacy Trail to Canmore. Avoiding the Trans-Canada, we will follow Highway 1A from Canmore to Calgary, where we can travel on bike trails and dedicated bike lanes. Calgary is home to the ConnecTour team and we will certainly have a welcome-to-town-event planned with pancakes, craft beer, music and local fun – maybe not all at the same time. 

Riding the Prairies. From Calgary, we will head toward Drumheller in the badlands and through Hanna and Oyen toward the Alberta and Saskatchewan border. This part of Alberta is known for agriculture, oil production, power generation, tourism, and coal mining.

Whoever claimed the Prairies were flat definitely did not cross them by bicycle. They are relatively flat, but there are also sustained, never-ending hills that will challenge your mind and body. Add wind and rain to the mix and the Prairies will take all you have. We will be travelling in wide-open spaces under  big skies. The landscape won’t change much as we cross Saskatchewan through Kindersley, Outlook and Yorkton and other small towns along less-traveled routes across the province and then into Manitoba.

Manitoba is at the longitudinal centre of Canada but we are not even one-third of the way into our tour across Canada. In Manitoba, expect strong prairie winds, exposed sun and mosquitoes. The small town friendliness and history of the settlements in the Red River Valley toward Winnipeg will change the way you think about this part of Canada.

Winnipeg was at the heart of the country’s fur trade and instrumental in developing Canada’s Gateway to the West before Europeans arrived. It is also our gateway into the Canadian Shield.

Some describe the route from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay as the most nerve-racking part of the journey because there are narrow shoulders and speeding trucks. We will ride safely as a group and avoid busy sections wherever possible. From Winnipeg, there are a few alternate routes to avoid Highway 1 but at the Ontario border, we have limited choices.

Ontario’s license plate motto is, Yours to Discover, and that we will do! It’s a long ride through Ontario with many changing landscapes. At Kenora, we will head south to Sioux Narrows through wilderness and lake country. The TransCanada #11 heading east will take us through the western edge of the Canadian Shield country with many hills, pine forests and lakes. There are few services and towns on our way to Thunder Bay but plenty of opportunities to cool off in refreshing lakes and streams. From Thunder Bay, we will follow the northern shore of Lake Superior to Sault Ste. Marie. The hills along this section are some of the most challenging climbs in Canada, but it is also one of the prettiest parts of the tour as you ride along the north shore of Lake Superior. Small towns, beautiful lookouts and beaches along Lake Superior are highlights for this section. 

Sault Ste. Marie has a reputation as a great place to gather. This is just over our halfway point across Canada, so it might be a good place to join us. Sault Ste. Marie is located on the shore of the St. Marys River, connecting lakes Huron and Superior.

We will be biking through rich, lush forests and smaller towns along the north shore of Lake Huron. At the town of Espanola, we will head south toward Manitoulin Island and Georgian Bay, which sits on the northeastern arm of Lake Huron. It’s characterized by rugged bedrock and white pine forests to the north and sandy southern beaches.  The MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry will bring us to Tobermory, a harbour village on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula. 

From there, we will pass through Owen Sound, Wasaga Beach, Orillia and then on rural roads toward Ottawa, we will reach the end of the Canadian Shield hills and the beginning of the Ottawa Valley.  This region is well known for butter tarts and has some of the quietest and prettiest roads in Ontario. Beautiful parkways and paths will lead us into Ottawa. And from there, Bienvenue a Quebec! With its quiet roads and dedicated cycle paths. In fact, National Geographic ranked La Route Verte #1 cycle route in the world. It contains more than 4,000 km of designated bike paths and rural roads across the province. We will follow segments of La Route Verte along the Ottawa River, passing through historic villages and enjoying Quebecois hospitality on our way to Montréal.

We will follow the St. Lawrence Seaway out of Montréal along La Route Verte and other bike paths. Discover lesser-known roads and bike pathways along the St. Lawrence Seaway. Step back in time and experience a unique cultural landscape. Enjoy the vibrant sights and sounds of Montréal and Quebec City and the picturesque towns and landscapes along the route.

From Quebec City, we will cross to the south side of the St. Lawrence Seaway and ride to Mont-Joli, and then head towards Campbellton, New Brunswick and along the Acadia Coast in New Brunswick to the Confederation Bridge.

We will spend a few days on Prince Edward Island, including a rest day in Charlottetown, before taking a ferry from Wood Islands, P.E.I. to Caribou, Nova Scotia. With less than two weeks to go until we reach our destination of St. John’s, we will pass through Antigonish, Cape Breton Island, take a ferry to Newfoundland, and then pedal on to St. John’s. After 8275 km and heaps of unforgettable experiences, St. John’s will be our final destination. 

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